SmartEnCity project evokes a wealth of outcomes, solutions, papers and videos on how to achieve the transition of municipalities into sustainable and resource-efficient urban areas.

Have a look and find out how your Smart Zero vision could be turned into reality:

  • Guide for Cities (Final Publication)
    During the past five years, our three Lighthouse Cities have developed various intelligent and innovative solutions. In this booklet, we have collected their best and worst practices, and more.
  • SmartEnKIT
    SmartEnKIT is the official replication toolkit of the SmartEnCity project. It collects all main project learnings, methods and outcomes to share insights and inspire other small and medium-sized European cities with a zero-carbon vision along their journeys. 
  • City Solutions (Best Practices)
  • Three Lighthouse Cities Vitoria-Gasteiz, Tartu und Sonderborg with specific preconditions need different smart solutions. Find out which innovative ideas could be applicable to you.
  • Worst Practices & Lessons Learned
    The journey to becoming a Smart Zero Carbon City is not an easy one. Therefore, the SmartEnCity Lighthouse and Follower Cities also made some negative experiences that they would like to share so that others can learn from them and avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

  • SmartEnCity Academy
    "The SmartEnCity Academy for Zero Carbon Transition” was an online training course for cities, municipalities and smart decision making. With this series of four sessions, interested stakeholders learn from the experiences of the SmartEnCity project partners as well as selected external professionals from the field.

  • Public Papers
  • The activities and findings of the project have to be documented and delivered to the European Commission. Select from the list of public papers according to your interest.
  • Scientific Publications
  • Read about the connection between the environmental load of household consumption and the residential location.
  • Videos
  • Fancy pictures rather than words? Watch videos on SmartEnCity goals and Lighthouse Cities’ implementation.
  • Webinars 
    A series of webinars presents practical experience and provides knowledge. Look and learn about the low carbon transition of cities.
  • Network Bulletin
    The Bulletin outlines different topics regarding smart energy transition of cities along with presenting news from the network members. In addition, our SmartEnCity technical experts are regularly interviewed for more insights on how cities in SmartEnCity Network are progressing with their zero carbon transitions.