SmartEnCity Videos

General SmartEnCity Presentation Video

Video on the kick-off of the citizen engagement activities in SmartEnCity Lighthouse City Sonderborg

Introduction of new Bio-Buses in Lighthouse City Sonderborg

Video on retrofitting of SAB social housings in Sonderborg

Video "SmartEnCity - Vitoria Gasteiz - Coronación District project details" 

Video on SmartEnCity activities in Lighthouse City Tartu

Giving a voice to neighbours of Coronción Demo District

The smart city district is buzzing with renovation works

Story of Lighthouse City Tartu after five years of SmartEnCity project

Retrofitting Part 2 in Vitoria-Gasteiz with citizens having the floor

Efforts taken in Follower City Lecce to become a smart, carbon free city

Asenovgrad's way towards SmartZeroCarbonCity

Sonderborg Climate Neutrality Conference / Smart energy cities as frontrunners: Planning and Execution of Integrated Energy Plans from SmartEnCity Project

Sonderborg Climate Neutrality Conference / Seeing is believing virtual tour through SmartEnCity Lighthouse Solutions

Demo activities of Lighthouse City Sonderborg in the frame of SmartEnCity project