SmartEnCity Conference Week - Cities are created to serve the citizens’ needs

4. October 2017, 12:00 Uhr - 5. October 2017, 00:00 Uhr • Sonderborg (Denmark)

Cities are challenged by rapid growth, climate changes, job fluctuations and technological disruptions. However, ambitious cities can in a collaborative manner tackle these challenges and unlock new green growth opportunities. Technology solutions, citizen participation and policies that consider disruptions become key elements for cities to evolve into resource efficient and safe living & working places. There is a need to act now – what are we waiting for? Sonderborg and SmartEnCity Network invite ambitious mayors, city council members, urban planners, climate project managers, advisors, green solution providers, scientists, students, NGOs and all other people interested in creating smart and liveable cities to join the 100% Climate Neutrality conference at Alsion, Sonderborg – this year with a special focus on cities in a world of disruptions.

**** Find the presentations, pictures and videos of the event under this link ****

The key note speakers Wednesday morning, will address the important role of cities, technology solutions, the green job creation and the political framework. The speakers will share their comprehensive experience from the C40 network of cities, COP21 in Paris, triple helix cooperation, workers’ unions, pension funds and how national policy can be disrupted. The panel discussion will allow Mayors and the conference participants to discuss how cities can speed up the transition toward Smart Cities. The afternoon workshop will present best practice Smart City user-cases and allow an open discussion about what makes a city smart. Is it all about technology, or what is the role of people, or is it something else?

The Thursday morning workshop will address the need and challenges of the Smart Cities and Communities follower cities. Cities will express their needs and explain what challenges they are facing to develop their ideas. The participants will reflect, narrow down conclusions and prepare for the EU SCC Supply side workshop in Brussels – scheduled early 2018.

Thursday afternoon will allow the participants to experience a SmartEnCity site tour in the Sonderborg area, focused on Biogas busses and e-mobility, green district heating and building energy retrofit with citizen participation.

The social events Wednesday and Thursday evening will allow the participants to relax, enjoy, share ideas and create new networks.

Join the 100% Climate Neutrality conference in Sonderborg and be inspired to continue your City Transition Journey as a citizen, a mayor, a city council member, a solution provider, a scientist, a climate project manager, a student, a NGO, as well as all other interested people and organisations. 

Find more information about the conference, workshops and how to sign-up in the invitation/program under: smartencity_conference_week_in_sonderborg_04-06_october_2017_-_invitation_to_scc_lh_follower_cities_final.pdf .