Scientific Publications

The SmartEnCity project has accumulated a thorough understanding of urban decarbonization processes, both from theoretical approaches and demonstration actions. In this sense, the knowledge developed in this set of scientific publications provides a solid background for all SmartEnCity solutions and achievements, covering a wide range of topics, solutions, methods, tools and reflections around the smart zero carbon cities of the future.

So far, the following publications have been prepared as part of the SmartEnCity project:

  • Towards an Integrated Approach to Urban Decarbonisation in Practice: The Case of Vitoria-Gasteiz (2021)
  • ENER-BI: Integrating Energy and Spatial Data for Cities’ Decarbonisation Planning (2021)
  • Energy Vision Strategies for the EU Green New Deal: A Case Study of European Cities (2020)
  • Cities4ZERO Approach to Foresight for Fostering Smart Energy Transition on Municipal Level (2020)
  • Cities4ZERO: Overcoming Carbon Lock-in in Municipalities through Smart Urban Transformation Processes (2020)
  • Smart Zero Carbon City: Key factors towards smart urban decarbonization (2019)
  • Retrofitting Soviet-Era Apartment Buildings with ‘Smart City’ Features: The H2020 SmartEnCity Project in Tartu, Estonia (2019)
  • From Carbon Calculators to Energy System Analysis in Cities (2019)
  • European Union Horizon 2020 Smart City Approach and Its Application in the Bulgarian Context (2018)
  • Smart Zero Carbon City Readiness Level: Indicators System for City Diagnosis Towards Decarbonisation and Its Application in the Basque Country (2018)
  • How does the environmental load of household consumption depend on residential location? (2016)

How to use & tips

  • Proceeding from the Cities4ZERO methodology that was created in the SmartEnCity project, the newest publications suggest that in order to accelerate urban decarbonisation, it is critical to: promote a deeper integration between energy and urban planning disciplines, foster interdepartmental collaboration, allow for flexibility on the land-use planning regulations, back decisions with detailed urban energy models, and truly engage key local stakeholders in the planning and implementation processes.
  • The articles are mostly related to two main components of the SmartEnCity project that you can explore more – the Cities4ZERO methodology and the Lighthouse City solutions, covering the fields of energy efficiency, mobility, ICT and citizen engagement.

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