Landing page of Sonderborg's new City Information Open Platform.

Landing Page of Sonderborg's new City Information Open Platform now unveiled

19 Apr 2021

ProjectZero launched the website ‘Become Climate Wise Sonderborg’ where everyone can explore the ProjectZero vision of a CO2-neutral Sonderborg and become informed (wiser) about how Sonderborg municipality plans to reach ZERO in 2029 through joint actions. ?The new website also provides access to the Sonderborg’s City Information Open Platform (CIOP) called SmartCitySonderborg where interested parties can find information about how much electricity, water and heat selected buildings produce and use - in real time - about the municipality's wind turbines, charging stations for electric cars, etc.

The digital future is knocking on our door

ProjectZero's new website ‘Become Climate Wise Sonderborg’ also launches ProjectZero's digital future, where data is collected and presented in a new and clear way via ‘CityPortalSonderborg’.

"In connection with ProjectZero's participation in the EU project SmartEnCity, we have created 'CityPortalSonderborg' which will be the digital ProjectZero of the future, where we - via real-time data - can follow what the local wind turbines (very soon) and solar panels produce from green electricity, where green electricity can be refueled for the electric cars and how much electricity, water and heat is produced and used in, for example, public buildings, private companies and housing associations. This data can be used to optimize our electricity and heat consumption and at the same time put more focus on what the green solutions actually mean for Sonderborg municipality, ”says Peter Rathje, Managing Director of ProjectZero and project partner in SmartEnCity.

‘CityPortalSonderborg’ is in the development phase and therefore a lot of data is still missing, to give a total overview.

"Our ambition is through the EU SmartEnCity project to be able to strengthen the effort, and during the coming year get implemented and collected even more data from Sonderborg municipality and in that way, inspire new initiatives and climate solutions digitally - and in real time", concludes Peter Rathje.

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