City of Asenovgrad, Bulgaria.

Follower City Asenovgrad is on its way to a zero-carbon future

23 Feb 2021

Municipality of Asenovgrad endorsed its commitment to sustainable development through the adoption of Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (IECP) setting the vision of Asenovgrad as a carbon-neutral city by 2050.

It has been a long journey performed within SmartEnCity project where five European small to mid-sized cities have shared knowledge and experience about sustainability and carbon footprint reduction. Asenovgrad benefitted from the foresight methodology for Smart Zero Carbon City (SZCC) developed within the project, as well as the experiences of the Lighthouse Cties where innovative smart solutions have been implemented and tested in practice which provide a good starting point for replication under local conditions. Special focus through the process of IECP development has been put on successful ways of citizen engagement.

Through the adoption of SZCC concept, Asenovgrad aims to develop a scalable holistic approach for its transformation into a sustainable, smart and resource-efficient urban area. The newly adopted IECP is focused on several priority areas considered mostly potential under the local conditions, among which are energy efficiency and RES integration in buildings, utilisation of local biomass and PV potential, establishment of partnerships with neighbouring municipalities and with local industries and cooperatives and the development of a City Information Open Platform.

The planning document is supported by a Roadmap for the period 2021-2027 where concrete investment projects have been identified together with respective time-line and possible funding sources.

The IECP of Asenovgrad has been successfully integrated into the Plan for Integrated Development of the Municipality – a master planning document that incorporates all sectors and fields of municipal development. The final version of the document was voted by the Municipal Council on 27 January 2021 which marked an important milestone on the way towards zero-carbon future of the municipality.

Intergrated Energy and Climate Plan (IECP) of Follower City Asenovgrad.