Battery solutions in combination with solar cells in building with 12 apartments. Credits@Sonderborg

Lighthouse City Sonderborg: Battery storage solutions for in housing associations

01 Apr 2020

The battery storage solutions in combination with solar PV plants are planned to be implemented and demonstrated in estimated eight housing departments belonging to the three housing associations in Sonderborg: SAB, SOBO, B42.

The demonstration project covers 40 housing blocks with 800 apartments plus 106 townhouses. The total investment for this demonstration project is budgeted to 3.5 million Euro. The estimated electricity saved is 1.3 GWh (1,300 MWh) per year corresponding to a CO2 reduction of 350 tons per year.

 The combined solar panels plus battery solutions are expected to cover approximately 50 % of the total electricity consumption in the apartments. Detailed calculations show, that it is feasible to install about 50 % more solar panels, if the panels are combined with batteries compared to solar panels without batteries. In this way, more electricity is covered with CO2 neutral power.

 The tenants in those housing departments, which have already completed the approval process, have agreed to invest in the battery solutions with big majority. They expressed great interest in saving energy and CO2 emission in their own apartments and at the same time in the city as such.

Half of the 8 housing departments have already approved to implement the project. The other half needs to have the projects approved on the ordinaire department meetings with the tenants, which will take place in August 2020. The first tender for one of the already approved departments (shown on photo above) was done in March 2020, and the solar panels plus battery solutions are expected to be running in August 2020. Two more projects are expected to be completed in August 2020 followed by a monitoring period to the end of the SmartEnCity project.

Buildings with 72 apartments planned for 675 m2 solar cells with 60 kWh battery capacity. Credit@Sonderborg