Smart Home training session for residents in Tartu. credits@Tartu

Lighthouse City Tartu: Smart home training sessions for residents

01 Apr 2020

All Tartu pilot area apartments will be equipped with a smart home system. This comprises of a tablet computer on the wall near the entrance of the apartment and various sensors. In most pilot area buildings, the systems have already been installed, even though some further software developments are still underway.?

In order to ensure that all residents feel comfortable and using their new smart home systems in the right way, a series of trainings was organised by the Tartu SmartEnCity team and the provider of the smart home system, EnLife. So far, there have been six trainings twice a day on 15 and 22 January and 13 February. Each day, trainings were held at noon and in the evening to make sure, that all residents could find a suitable date. All in all, about 140 residents have participated in the training sessions.

The main topic of the trainings was the functionalities of the smart home system – starting from the basics and moving on to the planned functionalities that are still under development. Although using smart systems do not always appear to be easy to all people, the organisers were happy to see participants from all walks of life were engaged and eager to learn the features of the new device.

In order to facilitate the use of the smart home system and to ensure that people have the instructions always on hand, the organisers are compiling a comprehensive manual for the smart home system – first drafts were already distributed during the trainings. In the future, the smart home system will also have a FAQ section to answer upcoming questions immediately. In addition, d each housing association representative will receive an in-depth training in order to be able to assist residents with potential issues.