Students visiting smart city Tartu. Credits@City of Tartu

Estonian students visiting Lighthouse City Tartu exploring the smart city of tomorrow.

11 Mar 2020

On 4 March, thirty high school students from Kohtla-Järve visited Lighthouse City Tartu to learn about SmartEnCity project and smart solutions and developments in Tartu.

The teachers have given the students the task of envisioning the future of Kohtla-Järve, a small town with 35,000 inhabitants in the north-east part of Estonia. The students should describe what this town could look like in about 50 years from now. This is why the group decided to visit Tartu to gain inspiration and to learn about how Tartu has achieved and is still working on its smart goals.

Of course, Tartu was willing to share its vision of a smart Estonian cities. The day started at the Town Hall with a warm welcome by the Deputy Mayor and SmartEnCity project manager Raimond Tamm.  Mr Tamm gave a thorough presentation on the strategy of Smart Tartu and its core principles, and further introduced the recent smart developments in Tartu. The presentation was followed by an interactive Q&A round, with students being very interested and asking a lot e.g. about the Tartu bike sharing system, studying at the University of Tartu and much more.

After the Town Hall, SmartEnCity project team members took the group on a tour – the students could try out the new shared electric bike bikes, admire the murals at the smartovkas buildings and even visit a retrofitted smartovka from the inside.

“All in all was a very interesting day, very informative and inspiring to have an idea what a smart city of tomorrow could look like!” the students all agreed.