New façades on Aldabe 5 and Aldabe 7, Source: VISESA

Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz: Coronación demo district is moving on

23 Jan 2020

New Year – new attempt! With all one’s strength, Coronación demo district is moving forward and several actions are happening at the same time.

On 13 January, the deadline of the public tender on District Heating finished and in a few days, it will be awarded by the Municipality. This means that before spring, Vitoria Gasteiz will see how the network deployment works are starting in the streets of Coronación demo district.

Also, retrofitting keeps on progressing and some brand-new façades have emerged in the district. At the same time, the works on next buildings are starting. Step by step, 10 buildings are undergoing retrofitting works right now. Busy times in Coronación streets!

Forthcoming renovation works on the remaining buildings are about to start during the next weeks. In fact, the respective construction companies that will be in charge of this task have been already notified and are getting ready to start in February.

The last 3 buildings’ works will be tendered during the next month. By then,  all public tenders planned for SmartEnCity project retrofitting tasks in Vitoria Gasteiz, have been announced and awarded.

Last phase of retrofitting works has started in demo district Coronación. Picture@VISESA