Workers in demo district Coronación. Source: Diario de Noticias de Álava

Coronación demo district will become more beautiful by banishing all visible power lines

12 Sep 2019

Within SmartEnCity project, the Municipality of Vitoria Gasteiz and Iberdrola (Power Distribution Company) have agreed to bury all power lines that are currently visibly mounted on buildings façades under the surface.

With this step, demo district Coronación is moving forward on its modernisation process and, besides of ameliorating the electric service quality, it will improve the aesthetic of the buildings, especially on those buildings that have joined to SmartEnCity and will have a brand new envelope when the energy retrofitting works have finished in the next months.

With this actuation the Municipality answers to an old claim of the district and stops the out-of-style practice of aerial electric wires that still dominates the street scene in this part of the city.