20 Apr 2021

Another Biogas Plant for Lighthouse City Sonderborg

The establishment of Sonderborg's second biogas plant is underway. The plant is expected to be completed in the spring of 2022 and actively contributes to realising Sonderborg's Roadmap2025 climate ambitions. Nature Energy invests more than DKK 300 million DKK in the plant.

19 Apr 2021

Landing Page of Sonderborg's new City Information Open Platform now unveiled

ProjectZero launched the website ‘Become Climate Wise Sonderborg’ where everyone can explore the ProjectZero vision of a CO2-neutral Sonderborg and become informed (wiser) about how Sonderborg municipality plans to reach ZERO in 2029 through joint actions. ?The new website also provides access to the Sonderborg’s City Information Open Platform (CIOP) called SmartCitySonderborg where interested parties can find information about how much electricity, water and heat selected buildings produce and use - in real time - about the municipality's wind turbines, charging stations for electric cars, etc.

16 Apr 2021

How to save energy in shops? New Program in Lighthouse City Sonderborg

ZEROshop is a program launched by ProjectZero and currently holds approx. 190 shops in Sonderborg. The ZEROshops are due to reduce about 1000 tonnes of CO2 by 2025 according to the Roadmap2025 (Sonderborg’s Integrated Energy Plan). All ZEROshops have made investments that have reduced their energy consumption and thus their CO2 emissions. But how encourage shop owners to become part of it?

15 Apr 2021

SmartEnCity Lighthouse City Vitoria-Gasteiz finds international recognition

SmartEnCity plays a leading role in the March & April 2021 issue of “Edifícios e Energia” Portuguese magazine. Our European Project leads the segment dedicated to case studies and best practices on sustainable districts, focused on the interventions on the building stock and energy use.

05 Apr 2021

More Green Ambassadors fostering the green transition in Sonderborg

Following the Green Ambassadors model in Sonderborg, Residents from the housing associations GAB, NAB and Danbo participated in "Green Ambassador" training at EUC Syd. Knowledge, strengthened cooperation and motivation must inspire other residents to climate actions and participation.

04 Apr 2021

Green Ambassadors support the green transition in Sonderborg

The residents of one of the SmartEnCity involved housing association SAB met in October 2020 to learn more about how they can support Sonderborg´s climate transition through joint efforts. They will act as Green Ambassadors towards citizens promoting the housing association's green transition.

23 Mar 2021

New SmartEnCity Network Bulletin March 21 released

In this edition of the Network Bulletin, the main topic is energy efficiency. Learn about the developments in our Lighthouse Cities Sonderborg, Tartu and Vitoria-Gasteiz and have a glimpse at the EU-corner.