02 May 2019

SEC Network Bulletin April 2019

This edition of the Network Bulletin presents various smart city solutions from some of our Lighthouse and Follower cities. Learn about how Tartu reused old EV batteries to store energy, what is the urban management system that Vitoria-Gasteiz implemented or learn about the energy efficiency program that fully transformed Vratsa's residential buildings and more.

15 Apr 2019

Invitation to SmartEnCity Network Workshop Day

SmartEnCity Network is inviting members and other interested cities to a day packed with workshops on Wednesday, 5th of June in Cagliari, Italy. Integrated Energy Planning methods, experiences of our Lighthouse Cities and the transfer of SmartEnCity knowledge are the core topics of the Workshop Day, so that cities can directly benefit from the project’s outcomes and start their own journey towards a low carbon future.

15 Apr 2019

Vitoria-Gasteiz is spreading SmartEnCity's words and facts

During the last week of March 2019, SmartEnCity project has been represented in several forums in Vitoria Gasteiz Lighthouse City. Hosting the 2nd International Network of Michelin Cities Conference and a round table of European Project ANNEX 75, Vitoria-Gasteiz underlined its role as being a front runner in the field of smart and innovative city solutions.

12 Apr 2019

Social innovation through smart citizens in Tartu

On 8th April, more than residents of 20 smart houses and other interested people gathered in the SPARK Demo center in Tartu to learn more about the pros and cons of living in a smart hrushchyovka apartment building, or smartovka. The smart citizen training program comprises a five-lecture series and aims to educate the residents of smartovkas on various topics like household expenses, the smart home system, city-wide smart solutions etc.

01 Apr 2019

SmartEnCity Network Bulletin - March edition

This month the Network Bulletin is explaining how a city can become a Smart City following the experiences and lessons learned from the SmartEnCity project and its Lighthouse Cities.

28 Feb 2019

SmartEnCity Network Bulletin - February edition

This month, the SmartEnCity Network Bulletin is focused on the Integrated Energy Plan (IEP) of Sonderborg also referred to as the Roadmap2025. The main points of the IEP are summarised, followed by a link to the full version of the document.