29 Oct 2019

SmartEnCity Newsletter no.7 published

What was happening in our Lighthouse Cities during the past 6 month? How are the Follower Cities doing? What about the SmartEnCity Network acitivies?

21 Oct 2019

New SmartEnCity Network Bulletin no.15 published

The new edition of the Network Bulletin informs about the growing SmartEnCity Network family, on the succes of our rewarded Lighthouse Cites Sonderborg and Tartu and on Tartu's experiences with retrofitting Soviet-era apartment buildings.

16 Oct 2019

Chinese climate innovation award for Lighthouse City Sonderborg

Sonderborg Municipality has been rewarded with the 'City of Innovation' award, which was presented at the conference 'Euro-China Green & Smart City Summit' held in the Chinese city of Nanning, September 2019. Sonderborg was awarded the prize for working within the EU project - SmartEnCity

15 Oct 2019

SmartEnCity at "Cities After Transition 2019" conference in Belgrade, Serbia

On 27th September, Project Partner UTAR held a session “Smart post-socialist city”. Smart City is a very general term for noting the application of technologies in cities and in reality, it is very often used as a branding term for the cities. Academic research on smart cities has been mostly focused on the contexts of Western and Asian cities, much less is known about Eastern-European and post-socialist cities. This in mind, UTAR organized a session to provoke the discussion about applying new technologies, using new datasets and planning practices in post-socialist cities.

11 Sep 2019

Follower City Asenovgrad is proceeding with the Integrated Energy Planning process

As part of the Asenovgrad Integrated Energy Planning Process, a workshop was held on 16 May 2019 with the main aim to bring together local stakeholders and discuss with them the current status and future priorities of the “Integrated Plan for Urban Regeneration and Development” (IPURD) in order to formulate different scenarios for its update. The main topics discussed were focused on the local renewable energy production potential of the municipality, specifically the availability of agricultural biomass and biogas.