Public electrical vehicle chargers (Sonderborg)

Main sector:

  • smart urban mobility (incl. public transport, parking, sharing economy)


The implementation of public electrical vehicle chargers improves the EV-charging infrastructure and serves as a point of green transition awareness raising in the city. Often these chargers are placed in preferred locations on a car-park area, but in this demo action Sonderborg has also placed EV chargers at company car parks in the industrial area and at tourism and sport facilities. This will serve as a test to see if EV owners working near these locations will use these chargers, and potentially help new car buyers decide for a EV-car.
In total 31 EV charging points have been installed in the Sonderborg area, of which three are in private homes, four are inside company garages for internal EV fleets, and the remaining 24 are placed in strategic locations around Sonderborg. The new EV-chargers are promoted towards citizens and EV-car owners at all major EV-charging websites like ProjectZero will support Sønderborg Forsyning promote the new changing points in future to secure citizen awareness and use of the new infrastructure.




  • Increased infrastructure
  • Testing of untraditional sites for EV charging



Ca. 120.000 €


Peter Rathje

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Pictures: Lighthouse City Sonderborg